Young Co: Communication Upgrade

Young Co: Communication Upgrade

The speed of communication has improved significantly thanks to the help of technology. Now, some cities in Texoma are taking advantage of that by installing a new communication system to alert residents in case of an emergency.

Young County, City of Graham and City of Olney is the newest addition to the systems long list of users. Some cities that already use it include Jacksboro, Jack County, Archer County and Archer City.

"It's a communication system called I-INFO, and it is developed off the 9-1-1 data base" said Young County Judge John Bullock.

Bullock is excited to start using this system and believes it is an effective way for residents to receive critical and important information about the community. The primary purpose for the system is for emergency notifications like wildfire, storm or flood. However, residents can also sign up to receive alerts for public meetings and other community events to stay in the loop of what's going on.

The service is completely free and notifications can be received by text message and or email. Users can also set up their own personal preferences for convenience.

According to Bullock, "there's a host of different types of information that can be sent out. The subscriber being the citizen can get what they want out of that. They can change it, they can get back on it and modify it."

Some agencies that will be using the system frequently include city officials, the emergency management coordinator, the dispatch office and other law enforcement agencies. Bullock hopes many people will join in on this opportunity and sign up for the alerts.

"It's easy as a click of a button with regard to I-INFO. Just go sign up and you can see what all your governments are doing and you can also receive notifications as early as possible" he says.

Currently the system is funded through Nortex Regional Planning Commission. If it is successful, the agencies signed up to send alerts instead of residents will pick up the costs of the system in a few years.

Residents can sign up by simply going to http://www/ or . It will lead to the North Texas regional Communications (NTRC) Registry where each person can set up preferences on which areas they want information from.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.