New City Manager for Burkburnett

New City Manager for Burkburnett

On Saturday the City of Burkburnett will have new city manager. Former City Manager Tim James stepped down. James who was the city manager of Burkburnett for the past 2 years notified the city earlier this month that he accepted another position in Mesquite, TX.

James said "I am going to be the director of public works in Mesquite so we have the chance to be back a little bit closer to our family."

Even though James was the city manager for only a short time, he got a lot accomplished.

Mayor of Burkburnett Carl Law said "Well everything from acquisitions of land to drill new wells to revamping some of the existing wells to working with a citizens group to bring about a family aquatics center to Burkburnett".

Even though James has not been out of office very long, the search for James' replacement has already begun.

Burkburnett City Commissioner Josh Andrajack said "We have contracted with Strategic Government Resources. It is a firm. We used as a executed search for them in the past and they are going to provide us with a interim city manager while we navigate through the process of hiring a new city manager and the individual that they have brought to us was Chester Nolan."

Nolan has an affiliation with the firm who Burkburnett hired to help find James' replacement. Law said Nolan is the vice-president of the firm.

Nolan has many years of experience as a government official. He served as the city manager for the City of Cleburne, but there are a lot of questions surrounding his hire as the interim city manager.

Newschannel 6 has made phone calls to city officials in Cleburne asking for a statement on Nolan and how his term as city manager went.

Nolan will make $70 per hour and will be paid by Strategic Government Resources. His hourly salary will pay for all of his expenses. The City of Burkburnett is only responsible for paying the firm.

James Parish Newschannel 6