Henrietta: The First Liquor Store Opens

Henrietta: The First Liquor Store Opens

For Henrietta, a town that's been dry for over 80 years, alcohol isn't the only thing flowing. Alcohol sales have really had an economic impact on Henrietta, that can only grown, now that The Top Shelf has opened it's doors.

Beer and wine sales have been booming. Now, Henrietta's first liquor store, called The Top Shelf is open for business.

"This is the first one, and for a town our size I wouldn't anticipate anymore. But, the market would have to be the judge of that," said Rickey Langford, Director of Economic Development.

The city has seen a 16 percent increase in sales tax revenue since January, compared to last year. This can be attributed to the sale of beer and wine and the opening of a new gun shop. Langford said, Henrietta welcomes businesses of all kinds.

"We would like to see more people shop locally and take advantage of those opportunities, to contribute to our sales tax base," said Langford.

Walter Oliver a Henrietta resident agreed, saying the more revenue and sales tax dollars coming in, the better. The easier access is good as well.

"It's convenient. You don't have to drive to Wichita Falls if you want something. So, I think it's a good deal," said Oliver.

The sales tax from alcohol purchases isn't allotted to anything specific but, any revenue helps to improve the city and the lives of the residents.

"The sales tax goes as I said, to the general fund and other areas. It just gives us more money to contribute to the upkeep and the quality of life for the citizens that are living here," said Langford.

When asked if there had been any talk of a bar opening or restaurants serving liquor, Langford said no. So right now, the only place to get any liquor in Henrietta, is from The Top Shelf. Henrietta voters did pass all alcohol sales options, so there is the possibility that could change in the future.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.