Big Boy Toy Show

Big Boy Toy Show

Many people were lined up bright and early Saturday morning for the first ever Big Boy Toy Show at the Multi Purpose and Events Center in Wichita Falls. This event hosted by Newschannel Six was held from 10am to 7pm and was the perfect opportunity to find everything guy-related.

"These are all for boys 100%... so they are loving it. My son is loving all the John Deere tractors and the four wheelers so it's awesome" said attendee Spenser Rice.

Numerous vendors selling manly products from beef jerky to video games to golf equipment filled the venue.

Catherine Keeney of Keeno's Steakhouse Jerky was excited to see all the people show up to try her products.

"We came to enjoy the fun and bring our jerky. We have 7 different signature jerkys that we make in house" she said.

Pre-sale tickets were $3 and tickets at the door were purchased for $5. Participants also had a chance to win a four wheeler from Eddie Hill's Fun Cycles. This ultimate gathering of everything for men gave many a good opportunity to enjoy the weekend with family and friends.

"There's a lot of good vendors out here and a lot of good things to look at. It's a really nice way to spend the afternoon" said Brian and Don Todd.

Overall, this event was a huge success. Newschannel Six had set a minimum number of people expected to attend, but on the actual day more than 3 times that amount of people showed up.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.