Altus Cops In Court

Altus Cops In Court

Two former veteran Altus Police Officers were in court Tuesday morning in Jackson County, accused of accepting stolen property.

Russell Hansel is charged with five different counts, including conspiracy to commit knowingly receiving stolen property, attempted knowingly to receiving stolen property, knowingly receiving stolen property, and possession of a sawed off shotgun.  Hansel is a 17 year veteran of the force.

Jose Arce is an 11 year veteran police officer.  He is still in jail and his bond was sent at $250,000.

Arce has four counts against him, including attempted knowingly to receiving stolen property, and conspiracy to commit knowingly to receiving stolen property.

The reason his bond remains, is because he has a court appointed attorney.

Hansel's lawyer asked for a bond reduction.

Both men are due back in court on September 13th.