More Wheels Needed For Meals

More Wheels Needed For Meals

The Kitchen's Meals On Wheels program needs more volunteers to hit the streets and get food to those who need it.

Volunteer Coordinator Shasta Blair said they're anywhere from four to five or as many as eight routes short every day. There are two part-time employees but they can only do so much. She said, "Unfortunately we're kind of overloading them now and sending them out on too many routes."

What they want you to know, is volunteering can be quick and easy.

Tim Strange signed up to volunteer with his wife. Wednesday was his first day on the job and he said carving out the time was easy, "Being a realtor I don't have a standard one hour lunch break or anything like that. I can open my day up to take care of things that I need to and to help people in the community, so that's what I'm doing today."

For those with a more rigid schedule, delivering meals can be done on a lunch break. Blair said, "You zip in here, you get your food, you zip out and hi to the nice people. Deliver your food, you can be back here within about 30-40 minutes."

For the last year, Kelly Moss has been delivering meals once a week on her lunch break. Newschannel 6 caught a ride as she drove through neighborhoods of Jacksboro highway. Moss stopped for a few minutes to chat with many of the people on her route, just to bring a smile to their faces.

One option for those who want to volunteer but can't commit to a regular schedule is to sign up as an office, and rotate who does deliveries amongst your coworkers. Blair said, they'll take whatever they can, "I will get you a volunteer packet, well sign you up, do a quick little background check and ill have you on the road tomorrow! Once a week, once a month, well take whatever you got."

If you'd like to sign up or get more information, call Shasta Blair at (940) 322-6232.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6