Final Fireworks

Final Fireworks

July 4th at midnight marks the last day of firework sales in Texoma. The clock is ticking and stores are gearing up to close their doors after all the festivities. Russell's Fireworks in Wichita Falls had a never-ending flow of last minute customers Thursday morning.

"Every year everybody waits until the very end to come buy fireworks and that's just how it is so that's how we do it" said owner of Russell's Fireworks Russell Nettles.

The night of July 3rd and during the day on July 4th typically marks the store's busiest time. Popular items were disappearing off the shelves immediately, causing employees to have to restock numerous times in the last 24 hours. During their peak hours, the store had over 50 employees working to meet the demands of the customers.

Nettles' 500 gram cake fireworks seem to be one of the most popular. He says "it's a relatively new item we've been selling for about 8 to 10 years and they might as well have wings because they're flying off the shelves."

The store has been seeing some customers drive in from cities 2 hours away scrambling to get their hands on some fireworks. On average, each customer is spending about $100. But others like Michael Scallon from Hobart, Oklahoma made some hefty purchases.

"Just putting it all together… I spent about $1700" he said.

Nettles won't know how well he did in sales for the next couple of days but is expecting numbers to add up to an average year.

Fireworks will go on sale again beginning December 26th through New Years Day 2014.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.