Hawk Memorial Bowling Tournament

Hawk Memorial Bowling Tournament

Losing family members to cancer can drastically change your life and that's exactly what happened to Steven Hawk, which is why he founded the Hawk Memorial Bowling Tournament.

Hawk said "I have started this three or four years ago after my father had passed away in 2009 from stomach cancer from the second time and I said I am going to do something to remember him by"

Hawk did not only lose his father to cancer but he also said he lost his wife. It's because of them that he hosts this tournament. All the proceeds from the tournament will go to the American Cancer Society.

The tournament has grown over the years. They started with about 30 bowlers and last year the number of competitors nearly doubled. But the participation has not been the only thing to increase. The proceeds have increased as well.

Hawk said "I don't have a goal every year but I try to exceed my goal from the year before. Last year we raised over $5,000 in one day. My goal is to beat that this year. If I go more than $5,000 this year than that's what I want to do."

Competitors can look forward to so much more than just bowling.

Event Coordinator Helen Gass said "A lot of food, a lot of comradery, a lot of laughing. There's a lot of competition and a lot of hugging"

The participants who show up to the event have been great supporters.

Gass said "And they are just fantastic they show up and they pay their money. They know that part of their entry fee goes to the American Cancer Society and basically that's why they are there."

Special breast cancer awareness shirts will also be available at the tournament and all those proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.

You can email Steven Hawk at sph300855@gmail.com. If you would like to order a special breast cancer awareness shirt call Lisa Tipton at 940-631-3352.

James Parish Newschannel 6