Drought Watch: Iowa Park Residents See New Water Restrictions

Drought Watch: Iowa Park Residents See New Water Restrictions

As temperatures soar and the dog days of summer approach, Iowa Park city officials said, residents have gotten a little lax with water conservation. Now, they are having to shell out more money when buying water in bulk.

In a city council meeting Monday, a measure passed that will raise rates for bulk sales of water. Those rates were increased from about four dollars per thousand gallons to six dollars. The goal was to have wholesale users pay the same amount as everyone else.

"Some of it has to do with some of our wholesale customers and some of it was we just got lax in our conservation efforts," said Michael Price, Iowa Park City Manager.

Price said, they are getting into that time of year where they see more water leaks and major line breaks that cause loss of water. Those issues contribute to less conservation, so more surcharges have been added.

"Because the drought is lingering on and because we need to really strengthen our conservation measures, we went on in and said, now if you break the ten-thousand gallon area then you're going to pay 75 bucks," said Price.

Residents were already being charged for using more than 12 thousand gallons and even more at 15 thousand gallons. The new restrictions are tougher, Iowa Park mirrors Wichita Falls but is asking their residents to cut back even more.

"In Wichita Falls you're allowed to water one day a week. Here in Iowa Park beginning this week, you can only water once or twice a month," said Price.

Officials said, the city is not trying to make money off of the residents but, they really want to get people to understand that they have to conserve water.

"What we want to do is get people to understand that we've got to conserve," said Price.

The city expects to see conservation results increase by the third week of July.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.