Vernon: High Ranking, Saves Homeowners Money

Vernon: High Ranking, Saves Homeowners Money

Vernon's fire department is at the top of it's game when it comes to having the training and equipment it needs to keep residents safe during an emergency.

Firefighters said they were able to prove that to inspectors when they boosted their Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating from a four to a two. Three things needed to pass the test to get that rating.

"We have adequate water supplies in the event of a major fire emergency. It means that the system for delivery the water to the fire department is intact. It means our emergency systems are functional and working well," said Jeff Bearden.

Adam Scott, Vernon's Emergency Medical Services Coordinator said this rating is also good news for residents.

"The insurance companies can take this into consideration when they set fire insurance rates so homeowners could definitely see a drop in their homeowner's insurance," said Scott.

In fact, residents and even businesses could get a 10% discount and since only about 2% of cities nationwide have a Class 2 rating, the city's economy could also get a boost.

"It also helps with future businesses looking for an area to come in. They can come in and see that Vernon has an ISO of 2 and we can be looked at as better than another city," said Scott.

Scott said they've invested around $600,000 over the last four years to get to that level and combat fires more efficiently and safely.

He also said the bad news is home and business owners might have to wait about a year to see a discount reflected in their insurance premiums if the insurance company approves it.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6