WFISD Master Facilities Plan up for Discussion

WFISD Master Facilities Plan up for Discussion

The Wichita Falls I.S.D. School Board was in it for the long haul Thursday. Superintendent Dr. John Frossard came up with a proposal, used as a starting point for the discussion on the Master Facilities Plan.

The proposal consisted of bullet points outlining major issues such as attendance boundaries, a new high school model, sixth grade models, school closures, and the athletic complex, which received one of the lowest scores out of all the facilities.

There were two board members absent at the meeting including board President Kevin Goldstein so, board Vice-President Trey Sralla stepped up to facilitate. Sralla commented generally on the meeting, as there was still a lot for the board to discuss.

"Well as you can tell this is a huge complex issue and meetings like this are vital to be able to widdle it down to see where there's consensus or not consensus...We have a regular scheduled board meeting on Monday night, and we are going to be posted that we can discuss these things and maybe possibly take some action. Hopefully, all board members will be here, that's very important on these major issues like this that all board members are present," said Sralla.

Each bullet point in the Superintendents proposal was brought up for discussion, and each board member had an opportunity to express their opinion.

No action was taken concerning any of the topics discussed at the meeting. Sralla said that will have to wait until more board members are present and they have come to a consensus.

The board also heard a proposal and recommendations on the Athletic Complex from Athletic Director Ken Catney.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.