Burkburnett: Water Hikes Take Effect

Burkburnett: Water Hikes Take Effect

City officials are relying partly on the residents to help purchase land for the new well field.

The temporary hikes come just over a month after residents were hit with a surcharge on water usage, to incentivise conservation.

The Burkburnett Board of Commissioners were in a meeting Monday deciding on a number of issues. One of those issues was adopting an ordinance, putting water rate hikes into effect.

"You have to provide water and that's what these surcharges are for. It's to be able to pay for the water and to pay for the additional well fields and drill additional wells," said Chester Nolen, Interim City Manager for Burkburnett.

The water rates hike will be for a 90 time period. During that time the city projects they will raise 432 thousand dollars toward water projects. Nolen said the 90 days is a test.

"That was to test to make sure to see what we would be able to generate in the specified time period, with those surcharges and if it generates the funds that the council feels like it will, then perhaps it won't be necessary to continue with that," said Nolen.

The additional money will come from selling bonds; that measure also came before the Commissioners, which they passed. The two 2.2 million dollars in water and sewer revenue bonds will go toward the water wells and improving the water treatment system.

"Those bonds will pay for additional land in which to develop water wells, for the water supply for the city of Burkburnett," said Nolen.

Water rates will be increased by two dollars, going from $4.15 per thousand gallons to $6.15 per thousand gallons.

"The purchase of the well field right now is 1.6 million and some change on top of that," said Nolen.

The Commmissioners passed the ordinance at the meeting. The new water rates will take effect immediately, so residents can expect to see that change on all statements mailed after Monday.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.