Improving Patient Care

Improving Patient Care

A Texoma hospital is working to improve patient care.  The Wilbarger General Hospital's 3rd floor in-patient wing features brand new rooms.

One of those rooms was dedicated as the Hospice Room.  It is located in the far south-west corner of the floor, right next to the waiting room, so there is a little more privacy for the family.

As much of the hospital equipment as possible has been removed from the room, and the decorations give it a soothing, home-like atmosphere.

Hospice still comes in daily to monitor the patient's status.

The Hospice concept is about care and comfort, and that is a concept the hospital carries out daily.

The hospital was constructed back in 1969.  Since then, patient rooms were untouched until their recent renovations.

Wilbarger General Hospital kicked off their $2.5 million project in June of 2011.