Burk Water Notice Canceled

Burk Water Notice Canceled

The City of Burkburnett is rescinding the previous public notice for nitrate levels exceeding regulatory standards.

Last Thursday, The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality notified the city water system that the drinking water being supplied to customers exceeded the Maximum Contaminant Level for nitrate.

A sample was taken by T.C.E.Q on June 26th.

The Environmental Protection Agency set the limit at 10 milligrams per liter because anything above that is a health concern.  Burkburnett's nitrate level was 11, a milligram over the limit.

High nitrate levels can cause serious illness in infants under six months old, even death if untreated.  Pregnant women are also cautioned about the health effects caused by water with high nitrate levels.

Burkburnett city officials notified residents about the issue last Friday in a public notice posted to the city's website.

On Monday, one sample was taken by T.C.E.Q and sent to the Health Department in Austin, TX for testing, while the second sample was taken by the City Of Burkburnett and sent to the Red River Authority of Texas Environmental Laboratory.

The city received the results this morning for both samples.  T.C.E.Q's analysis was 3.98 mg/L and the city's analysis was 3.62 mg/L.  Both results are far lower the Maximum Contaminant Level for nitrate established by state and federal regulatory agencies.

If you have questions regarding this matter, you may contact City Hall, Chester Nolen, City Manager or Mike Whaley, Director of Public Works, at 940-569-2263.