Two In State Hospital After Possible Hostage Situation

Two In State Hospital After Possible Hostage Situation

A man and a woman are in the North Texas State Hospital after they were involved in a possible hostage situation in Wichita Falls.

Wichita County Sheriff David Duke said deputies originally went to the 2700 block of Ave. V in Wichita Falls to commit a 52-year-old woman to the State Hospital. However, when they arrived, neighbors told them a man had barricaded the woman in the home and would not let her leave.

The Wichita Falls Police Department also informed deputies that the woman they were looking for had been reported missing a few days prior.

Sheriff Duke said deputies had to break open the door to get into the duplex because the door was barricaded.

Deputies immediately got the woman and put her in a police vehicle. She initially lied and said the man was out at the store, but then admitted that he was hiding in the attic.

Sheriff Duke said they tried to negotiate with the man to come down, and even threw him a water bottle, but he would not talk.

They were just about to use tear gas to get him out, but the man crawled through the attic, which is shared with the other side of the duplex. His leg fell through the ceiling of that other person's home, a deputy saw it, and the man immediately surrendered.

Sheriff Duke said he thinks hot temperatures worked in the favor of authorities, because the man got very hot in the attic and became thirsty.

At some point, the man called police and threatened to kill himself at the Walmart on Greenbriar Rd. He was admitted to the State Hospital for the threat, under a Peace Officers Application for Emergency Detention.

The woman was also admitted under the original mental commitment.

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Christina Myers