DROUGHT WATCH: Stage Four Delayed

DROUGHT WATCH: Stage Four Delayed

We're finally getting some good news about our drought situation. These last few days of rain certainly had a big impact on our lake levels.

About six inches of rain came down over our watershed. As of this morning, Lake Kemp showed the highest increase in level. It went up two feet, and even though the levels of Lake Arrowhead and Kickapoo are still not clear, the rain was certainly enough to push back stage four water restrictions for a couple of more weeks.

"We had anticipated that we would trigger stage four some time in mid August. As it sits right now we could very well see that pushed until some time September," said Daniel Nix, Wichita Falls Operation's Manager.

While the rain event gave us a break from tougher restrictions, Nix said it will take a lot more than one or two inches of rain over the course of a few days to get us out of the drought.

"Using a NOA forecasting model if we want to get out of the drought in 30 days it's going to take at least nine to 10 inches of rain to pull us out of the drought," said Nix.

If we wanted to get out of it in six months, it would take 20 to 30 inches. And if we don't get that, you're probably wondering exactly when we could run out of water. Well, Nix said the weather pattern we've seen so far looks similar to the one we had in 2012.

"That shows that we will get through 2014 with water still remaining in the lakes but it's going to be low. Probably down at 10%," said the operations manager.

And Nix said if he and other city officials can get the water reuse project up and running soon, that will extend our water resources to 2015.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6