Texoma College Gets More Funding

Texoma College Gets More Funding

Texas Legislature approved to change the formula for funding community colleges. North Central Texas College (NCTC), which has a campus in Bowie, will see an increase in funding.

The new formula now incorporates things that the previous formula did not.

NCTC President Eddie Hadlock said "Before there was never any mention of student success or these core operations. It was driven all off of your contact hours generated."

The college can get additional funding for having students complete a developmental course or their first college-level course in math or English. They also get merit points for students who complete a degree or transfer to a four-year institution.

Hadlock said "Based on our employment growth and looking at our student success points over the past three years. We're going to see about a $2.4 million increase in our funding over the next two years"

All community colleges will receive $1 million over a two year period for core operations.

Hadlock said our student success merit points count for about ten percent of our funding that we earn and then the rest of our funding is based from on our student contact hours.

NCTC had their student contact hours increase 5.8 percent, while a lot of other Texas community colleges saw a decrease. They will use the additional funding to hire more faculty, buy supplies, and on student services.