History of Plane Crashes in Texoma

History of Plane Crashes in Texoma

Today marked the 4th plane crash associated with the United States Air Force at Sheppards Air Force Base (SAFB) in the last decade. Today we wanted to take a look at the past plane crashes that occurred here in Texoma.

The first recorded plane crash happened in November 1948 near Muldrow, Oklahoma. There were eleven people on board and all eleven of them died.

Now let's jump 47 years to some more recent crashes. In 1995 a T-38 Talon while on a routine training mission crashed into an apartment complex in the 12th Hundred Block of Ridgeway Dr. The instructor and student ejected from the plane and were treated with minor injuries but 2 people were killed.

In 2001 another T-38 Talon collided near Crowell, Texas. The pilot was killed while two others survived the accident.

Two months ago we remembered the most recent deadly crash. On May 1st 2008 a plane crashed at SAFB. Even though the pilot and instructor were able to eject from the aircraft but they collided in air preventing their parachutes from opening. Both men were killed.

Today's crash marked the 32nd airplane crash since 1948. Hopefully this is the last accident for a long time.