District Misses Water Conservation Goal By 22%

District Misses Water Conservation Goal By 22%

The Archer County Municipal Utility District (M.U.D.) #1 only cut back its water usage by 8 percent in the month of June.

"They have a deadline of July 31 to demonstrate a significant reduction in water usage," said Utilities Operations Manager for Wichita Falls Daniel Nix.

The water district provides water to houses that are not within city limits. Just as any other customer that gets its water from Wichita Falls, Archer Co. M.U.D.'s conservation goal is 35 percent.

Water Superintendent for Archer Co. M.U.D. Vernon Geis said residents are only using about one third the amount of water they were at this time last year. "In our customers' minds, they have been conserving...Even though they think they're doing good, we're not doing good enough," said Geis.

The Board of Directors for Archer Co. M.U.D. will send out a letter to residents this week with proposed changes in water use charges, if they do not do more to conserve.

"We are going to do everything and stand hand-in-hand with Wichita Falls, straight down the line. We are all in this together," said Geis.

The Board is considering the following water rate charges:

Current Charges                             

3,000 gals.                 $35                      
3,001-20,000 gals.     $5.25  per 1,000 gals.
20,001-30,000 gals.   $21    per 1,000 gals.
30,001-40,000 gals.   $31.50 per 1,000 gals.
40,001 gals. and up   $42    per 1,000 gals.

Proposed Charges
3,000 gals.                 $35
3,001-10,000 gals.     $5.25  per 1,000 gals.
10,001-20,000 gals.   $21    per 1,000 gals.
20,001-30,000 gals.   $31.50 per 1,000 gals.
30,001 gals. and up   $42    per 1,000 gals.

The most notable differences are that customers will start paying $21 per 1,000 gallons after using 10,000 gallons, rather than 20,000 as it is now. Also, the highest rate of $42 per 1,000 gallons will start being paid once a household uses 30,001 gallons OR MORE, rather than 40,001 as it is now.