Only On 6: Minor Crime, Major Impact

The amount of minor crimes, like thefts, burglaries and robberies in Wichita Falls is on the decline.

"I'd like to say that it is 100% the police department being out there, but you know, if you look at a crime rate, it really is affected by so many different things," said Public Information Officer for the Wichita Falls Police Department Sgt. John Spragins.

Chief Manuel Borrego, who took over last year, switched the WFPD to "intel-based" policing. This strategy analyzes crime data and uses the numbers to better attack crimes.

WFPD leaders are briefed every two weeks on what crimes happened in which areas of town, which helps determine where to focus manpower and resources.

Sgt. Spragins said new technology, like computers in each police vehicle, has also had a hand in making the department more efficient.

"Five years ago...our reports were hand written. Although the information may have been there in the past, but how quickly it's available now has really helped," said Sgt. Spragins.

Texomans we spoke to said they have not noticed the decline in minor crimes, and Sgt. Spragins acknowledged the WFPD must still work hard to keep the crime rate going down. "We're being positive about it, moving into a new era with new administration and I think they are going to lead us in the right direction," said Sgt. Spragins.

However, Sgt. Spragins said it must be a community-wide effort. "We alone cannot make the difference. It takes everyone involved. That's our city leaders, our businesses, our citizens, everyone," said Sgt. Spragins.

The following crime data was provided by Crime Analyst for the WFPD Carter Ayers:


                                                                   Jan.  Feb.   March   April    May

ROBBERY                                                       2      4         4         3         8
BURGLARY HABITATION                                 60    44       63       58       66          
BURGLARY OF BUILDING - BUSINESS            15     9        10       14       14
BURGLARY OF BUILDING - RESIDENTIAL        8      7         7         4         9
LARCENY / THEFT                                          122  127     144     126     167
BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE                              77     77       88       85       62
VEHICLE THEFT                                             33     25       15       31       31


                                                                     Jan.  Feb.   March   April    May
ROBBERY                                                        8        6        3         6        12
BURGLARY HABITATION                                   89     47      79       87      118
BURGLARY OF BUILDING - BUSINESS              14      7       11       19      12
BURGLARY OF BUILDING - RESIDENTIAL         19      12     11       17       8
LARCENY / THEFT                                           116    140   139      155    179
BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE                                85      59     64       63       68
VEHICLE THEFT                                               21      21     23       20       23