County Officials Spray for Mosquitoes

County Officials Spray for Mosquitoes

Spray trucks have been around Wichita County over the past few days, in an effort to combat a mosquito problem that came after the soaking rain and with the high temperatures.

But the Wichita County Health Department isn't taking any chances. They are doing what they can to keep residents safe from the potentially disease carrying pests.

"Whenever we have water we're going to see mosquitoes, especially when the temperatures start to rise those mosquitoes start to hatch out like they're instant, waiting to happen," said Susan Morris, Environmental Health Administrator for the Wichita County Health Department.

Morris said, crews are spraying the entire county where the mosquito population is high. Spraying them is a last resort because it's costly and not as effective as prevention can be.

"Spraying is the most least effective most expensive method for treating mosquitoes. It's just a one time thing, it only kills the mosquito it touches at that time," said Morris.

If residents have a mosquito problem, they can contact the Health Department's hotline. Officials will then go out, verify the problem, and use several methods to try to get rid of them, then decide whether to add that location to the spray list.

"The last time we sprayed for mosquitoes, probably right before it rained. Because, even though it doesn't rain we still have standing water. And we still have artificial pools of water where we have areas that mosquitoes like to breed and reproduce," said Morris.

Officials have seen a lot of residents coming in for larvicide, to treat their rain barrels, old pools, and other areas where they have standing water.

"Once they hatch it's really difficult to control them, because the chemical that the government allows us to use are very restricted and they target that mosquito in flight," said Morris.

That chemical leaves very little residue on the ground so other important insects such as bees and butterflies are not hurt.

The Health Department Hotline number is 940-761-7890.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.