A Helmet Could Save You

A Helmet Could Save You

Wednesday night's motorcycle accident was just one of the motorcycle accidents that we have covered in the last couple of months. Some of the accidents have been deadly but others were not. The main reason why not all the crashes were deadly was because the riders were wearing helmets.

General Manager of G and S Suzuki Beau Barton believes you should always have a helmet on when you are riding any size or kind of motorcycle, scooter, or 4-wheeler. Wearing a helmet is one of his golden rules.

Right now riders are not forced to wear a helmet by law. But Barton thinks the law is going to change within the next 5 years because of the recent accidents.

Barton said "It's not a mandatory law quite yet that you have to wear a helmet. It is just recommended and most police officers when you do get stopped he will at least mention that you do need to put a helmet on."

Helmets can cost anywhere between $120 to $230 but that is just a small price to pay when you are talking about something that could potentially save your life.

Barton said riders should only use United States Department of Transportation approved helmets. The Department of Transportation makes sure that every helmet approved is safe for the road.

Barton would also like to tell riders to not only focus on what is in front of them but to also focus on what is coming at them.

James Parish Newschannel 6