NASA Flight Director Shares Knowledge With Teachers

NASA Flight Director Shares Knowledge With Teachers

Test results show science is one of the toughest subjects for students in Texoma and the entire state of Texas.

However, today someone from NASA came to Wichita Falls to try to change that.

They weren't launching the rockets NASA uses, but still Texoma teachers pretended they were in the middle of a mission control operation on Friday. In command was NASA Flight Director Ginger Kerrick. The Region-9 Science Collaborative invited her so she could talk to teachers who are members of the collaborative about Newton's laws of force and motion. The best way to explain those laws was with a hands on experience.

"These areas have been low performing in the past by students around the state so these where the concepts that we chosen to be focused on by the teachers," said Cindy Dyes, the science specialist at Region 9's Educational Service Center.

Kerrick said, "I like to draw parallels to what we're doing to what they're teaching, so that when they're talking about a lesson on rockets I can have them explain our new rockets and what we're developing."

Teachers launched their rockets one by one hoping that once school starts in August they'll be able to do the same thing with their students.

"If the teachers have done some of these activities themselves, it's a whole lot easier for them to go back to the classrooms and then do those same activities with their students," said Dyes.

But not all the knowledge learned came from launching rockets. Science teachers got to hear how Kerrick has been able to prove wrong those who told her she would never work for NASA. By sharing her story, she's hoping to inspire teachers so they can pass down that inspiration.

"By me coming here and being able to explain to the teachers what we do out there, what kinds of jobs are available, they can take that information and tell that to their students," said the flight director.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6