Operation Live Well

Operation Live Well

Operation Live Well is in Fort Sill starting Monday.

The program's goal is to promote healthy living among the groups in Fort Sill and the surrounding community.

The program is part of the Healthy Baste Initiative launched by the Department of Defense this past spring.  Thirteen military installations were selected across the U.S., with Fort Sill chosen as one of two Army installations to launch the program.

Recent studies have raised awareness of the devastating effects of poor nutritional choices and an inactive lifestyle. Military leaders view these conditions as particularly serious with regard to recruiting and maintaining a healthy, fit fighting force. With these health concerns in mind, the defense department launched the Healthy Base Initiative.

The program emphasizes four major health areas:

  • Making better nutritional food choices
  • Increase physical activity
  • Decrease/Eliminate all tobacco use
  • Lose weight to reduce health risks

The program is going on until August 1st.