Filing Complaint With Better Business Bureau

Filing Complaint With Better Business Bureau

When the temperatures rise so do peoples temper and because of this the Better Business Bureau usually sees a spike in complaints during the summer months.

The BBB would like to offer some advice to consumers to help them avoid the need to file complaints and information about BBB Dispute Resolution Process.

Consumers can avoid some issues by researching a company at the BBB website prior to hiring them.  If the BBB has issued a poor rating on the company then they would hope that this prevents you from having the same bad experience as hundreds of others.

Know the retailers refund and exchange policies.  Some consumers think there is a universal policy.  However, retailers set their own policies.

If you have a dispute it is always best to contact the company first with your issue and try and work it out directly with the company.

If filing a complaint with the BBB they need the company name and address and they ask that you describe the issue and include a clear resolution to the issue.  This gives the BBB something to work toward.

The BBB is merely a neutral third party in the process, keeping the lines of communication open between both parties and seeking a mutually agreeable resolution.

The BBB does not necessarily penalize the company if they receive a complaint as long as they respond to the issues that we present to them and our BBB Accredited Business have a contractual obligation to resolve issues.