Scam Alert: Phony Phones for the Elderly

Scam Alert: Phony Phones for the Elderly

Nothing in this world is free. It's a phrase we've all heard before and in this case it's as true as ever. An Ohio based company has received an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau.

"This company we have a history with and they have a pattern of misleading advertising in their solicitations," said Monica Horton, President of the North Texas Better Business Bureau.

Brilliant Built Technologies, operates under five alternate names and has over 135 complaints filed against them, 34 are classified as serious. "There have been strings attached and a cost for you know, an additional service that you need in order to have this work," said Horton.

The company is touting free products such as TV's, antenna's, and heat surge's, this time it's free cell phones for the elderly. Conveniently placed under what appears to be an article on the government urging people to carry cell phones, is free cell phone add disguised as an article.

"Even if they say that they can return it within ten days, there is fine print on this advertisement that basically says, that you're going to have to pay a restocking fee and you're going to have to ship it back to them at your expense," said Horton. So trying to return it once you find out about the hidden charges will cost you too.

Horton said be aware of what your reading and signing up for. "Read the fine print first. You know it, informs you of some of the charges that you would be responsible for in the very bottom portion in the fine print of that article," said Horton.

Before signing up for anything, especially when it's says it's free, do your research. Even if there is a deadline associated with the offer, such as the advertisement in the Times Record newspaper that says the phone deal only lasts for 48 hours.

The B.B.B is currently challenging that advertisement to find out if the claims in the add are true. The company will then have an opportunity to modify, change, or substantiate their claims.

Jenyne Donaldson, Newschannel Six.