Neighborhood Watch in County Communities

Neighborhood Watch in County Communities

The Wichita County Sheriff's Office started the first neighborhood watch in a rural community outside city limits.

The watch program will cover the area west of Wichita Falls, including Turkey Ranch Rd., Clyde Morgan Rd., Parker Ranch Rd., and Ponderosa Estates. Residents in this community said they know the people who live immediately next door to them, but do not know everyone in the area, so they believe the neighborhood watch will help.

"Whether they're out of town or at work, it's always good to have extra eyes on people's property," said resident Shannon Owen.

The first meeting was held at the Wichita West Volunteer Fire Department and served as an organizational session for everyone to meet and exchange phone numbers. In future meetings, residents will learn what to look for and how to report it correctly to law enforcement.

"What we want to emphasize with this neighborhood watch is, when you think you need 911, go ahead and call," said Chief Adam Brinkman of Wichita West VFD. "We would much rather show up too early or show up when everything is ok, than show up after it is too late."

Sheriff David Duke said this neighborhood watch is the "first of many." They began in this neighborhood because several residents had requested it, and there was a similar program in place in the 1990's.

Residents will eventually take over and manage the neighborhood watch program, and law enforcement leaders will be able to move on to a new community.