Big Blue Move A "Blessing In Disguise"

Big Blue Move A "Blessing In Disguise"

Being forced to move from the American National Bank building, better known as "Big Blue", has actually been good news for one office.

"It really has been a blessing in disguise," said Executive Director of Downtown Wichita Falls Development Cynthia Laney, adding that their new location, on the first floor of the Oil and Gas building at 813 8th St., is a prime spot downtown.

"It gives us a lot more contact with our business owners and businesses and just the people who work downtown on a daily basis," said Laney.

She said people "drop in and visit" the way they couldn't in the old Downtown Development office on the fourth floor of Big Blue, which has given Laney and other employees a better connection with the area they serve.

"People know where we are and they'll stop in to see the new offices and to chat about, you know, what's going on not only with their organization or their business, but also to see what's going on with us," said Laney.

Newschannel 6 has reached out to the owner of Big Blue to see if there are any future plans for the building.

Christina Myers