Big School Budget

Big School Budget

On Thursday the Wichita Falls Independent School District (WFISD) Board of Trustees met for a session. The biggest item on the agenda was the 2013-2014 budget and this year's budget could be bigger than past budgets.

The current revenue projections for the 2013-2014 school year show an increase of approximately $4.7 million. A large part of the increase in revenue is from the state. The state restored some of the $4.9 billion that they cut from public education 2 years ago.

With the extra revenue Superintendent Dr. John Frossard has proposed some recommendations to the board.

WFISD Board of Trustees Vice President Trey Sralla said "An increase in the health insurance contribution that the district will provide. The health insurance for the TRS is going up substantially and so what the recommendation from Dr. Frossard is for the district to provide and to pay 75 percent of that increase for the employee."

He also recommended that every WFISD employee see a 3.5 percent increase. He would also like to see a 10 percent increase for most employee stipends and have the district invest in $450,000 in school safety and security enhancements.

But unfortunately none of these recommendations are written in stone.

Sralla said "So now to be clear this budget is a proposal. We have not agreed upon this yet but with this increase in $4.7 million increase in revenue. We are going to look at the expenditures. As long as our expenditures are in line then we will be able to possibly move forward if it's the will of the board."

The board has until the end of the month to finalize a budget.