Bowie: Club House Will Soon Be Rebuilt After Tornado

Bowie: Club House Will Soon Be Rebuilt After Tornado

The Top O' The Lake Country Club is almost ready to be rebuilt after a tornado destroyed it on May 15th.

The old building has been gutted to make room for the new one and every single piece of debris will be tossed out.

"I was hoping to rehab part of it and maybe rebuild with some of that but I didn't really know until the very lat of it so it's not able to be done," said Greg Underwood, the owner of the Top O' The Lake Country Club.

Underwood said, he hopes to begin re-construction by the end of the month with some new changes to the floor plan. Rebuilding the club house to the way it was before the tornado would cost about a million and a half dollars. However, Underwood said he only received $610,000 from his insurance company. That's why golfers should expect a much smaller club house once the new one is completed.

The previous building was 8,500 square feet with a dining area and a separate golf pro shop but since money is tight, the new building will only be about 1,500 square feet.

"I anticipate kind of having the pro-shop together in the same room with more of a deli instead of a formal kitchen and dining room experience," said Underwood.

He has been collecting and selling metal from the old building to pay for some of the labor during clean up and this month he's hoping to bring in even more extra cash with something else.

"I'm getting some advise from experts on setting up a trap and skeet shoot out on part of the golf course that won't interfere with neighbors to be used at times when we're not playing golf," said the owner.

Fortunately the golf course hasn't been empty. In fact, Underwood said they've been busier than last year.

Even though he's optimistic and excited about the new challenge, Underwood is still struggling with the fact that he had to let go five of his employees after the tornado. There's just no place for them to work and he's not sure if he will be able to hire more employees once the new club house is done.

Re-construction will begin once all the debris is removed and Underwood plans on completing construction by November.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6