Veterans Wanted For Detention Officer Positions

Veterans Wanted For Detention Officer Positions

Detention officers are needed badly at the Wichita County Sheriff's Office.

The jail is experiencing a high turn over. In fact, 13 positions are up for grabs because officers got promoted or they just simply couldn't stand the pressure of handling and looking out for inmates. That has forced current officers to pick up the slack.

"When we are understaffed we have a lot of openings in all of the shifts. Our officers actually have to work overtime to fill those shifts because we are state mandated to have a certain number of officers for every inmate," said Brien Conner, the community services recruitment deputy for the Wichita Co. Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office is having so much trouble filling those positions that it had to create a new position for a recruiter. Brien Conner took on the challenge and when Texas Veterans Commission Representative Tim Shatto found out, he quickly called Conner. He told him some veterans would be a good fit for the job.

"There's going to be a lot of veterans that regardless of what their job skill was in the military will have some sort of training or some sort of experience with it," said Shatto.

And Conner agreed. He said, "They come from a background of discipline. Training is important in the military. That's something a lot of civilians don't get to see."

That's why the sheriff's office is working with the TVC to get veterans hired and solve overtime issues at the jail. What will help veterans even more is the fact that the detention officer position is part of the Veteran Affairs "On the Job Training" program. It will basically allow veterans to receive some money from Veteran Affairs on top of their regular salary.

There will be a job fair for veterans this Saturday, August 10th at the Wichita Co. Courthouse (7th St. entrance) from 8a.m. - 4p.m. Anyone interested should bring copies of High School Diploma or GED, College Transcripts, DD-214, Birth Certificate, Drivers License and Social Security card. Applications may be downloaded and completed prior at http://www.

Male and Female Veterans are highly encouraged to apply.

Please Contact Tim Shatto or David Dohme at (940) 322-1801 ext. 127 or 126 for more information.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6