Henrietta Offers Free Wi-Fi Downtown

Henrietta Offers Free Wi-Fi Downtown

Henrietta is now the only town in Texoma that offers free Wi-Fi connection downtown.

In fact, it's the only town its size in Texas to have it. The office of Henrietta's Economic Development Director Rick Langford is inside city hall. However, now that free Wi-Fi is available downtown he said, he could just sit on a bench in front of the courthouse and work just by using his phone. Realtor Penny Riordan has her office right across the street and she's also benefiting from the free Wi-Fi.

"It's really easy for my clients to come in and hook up to their laptops or their phones to see any of the properties that I have up and listed," said Riordan. "Then they are able to go out and view them in the town."

The Wi-Fi could also make staying connected easier for people at the courthouse.

"For instance, we have a trial, a big trial going on now and there may be professional people who could use that Wi-Fi to work on their laptops, to check their e-mails, to communicate with their offices," said Langford.

The economic director said, the city only had to pay $300 for the Wi-Fi connection thanks to a deal city leaders struck with the company Pinnacle Solutions. The antenna was installed at the top of the courthouse. Only people who are in the building or its surrounding streets will be able to connect to it. However they won't be able to stream video.

"This is not designed for that, we don't have the bandwidth. If we start getting video streamed on it then it cuts down the availability of the service for other people," said Langford.

Right now the downtown area is mostly occupied by businesses that offer professional services. However, Langford is hoping the Wi-Fi connection will attract more different kinds of businesses.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6