Training Camp Road Trip: Archer City Wildcats

Training Camp Road Trip: Archer City Wildcats

The Archer City Wildcats will have a new head man leading their football program this season.

Don Hasley, previously at Paris Chisum, will take over a team that has won just three games the past two seasons. Players are very excited about what Hasley brings to the table.

"Coach Hasley has brought in a lot of fire and a lot of energy," says Tanner Hash.

Wide Receiver Matthew Haehn, also approves, "So far, I love his coaching techniques. I like fiery coaches, always energetic, and he's definitely the guy."

Coach Hasley has a good idea of what it takes to win at this level. "Class A and class 2A football is all about numbers," says Hasley. "When you've got 24 or 25 on your varsity, you're sitting in a pretty good position."

Depth is something the Wildcats have been lacking the past few seasons, but with a talented incoming freshman class of 15-players, there is now competition everywhere on the field.

"Last year, in Junior High, they went almost undefeated, so they are definitely talented and contribute a lot," said Haehn.

The Wildcats understand that what is most important is what's in front of them, not what's behind them. The senior class is looking forward to a change in culture, that will hopefully bring with it, their first playoff berth since 2010.

Haehn continues, "I think with the work we've been putting in throughout this summer and what we've been putting in right now, it'll definitely give us a playoff berth."

Hash agrees, "I have a lot of confidence that we'll make playoffs and do really good in district."

Coaches and players both know it's going to take a lot of hard work if they are able to reach their goals this season.

Hasley states, "We're going to play hard from whistle to whistle. If they do that, then we're going to be successful."

"We're a lot different, says Hash. We're a lot more fired up and a lot more ready to come get you." Haehn says, "This Archer City team, I think we have so much depth and so much talent, that we're going to be coming for you."

Archer City opens their season on the road on August 30th, facing Haskell.