Texoma Town to Be Featured in a Movie

Texoma Town to Be Featured in a Movie

Walters, Oklahoma will be used as the setting for a new film titled, Last Call For Freedom.

The Director of Photography for the film, Kendall Irvin, says the main storyline will revolve around the 2nd Amendment, and he's hoping the movie will have an impact.

"I wanted to show not only the value of the second amendment, but the value of small town America and that it is the heart and soul of America," said Irvin.

There are seven major roles in the production, and more than a dozen minor character roles.

But Irvin says there will be at least one scene where at least 150 extras will be needed.

Open auditions for the film are set for August 17th, from Noon until 8 PM at the library in Walters. It's located at 202 North Broadway Street.