Training Camp Road Trip: Windthorst Trojans

Training Camp Road Trip: Windthorst Trojans

Playoff football is a tradition in Windthorst.

The Trojans have made the playoffs in 17 of their last 18 seasons, with 2 State Titles.

Head Coach Chris Tackett says, "You look at the tradition that you know was started a long time ago, and the kids buy into it, the families are supportive of it."

"We've got a lot to show from the tradition, being the past Trojans," states offensive lineman, Jacob Meurer.

"Everybody wants to carry on that tradition, and keep the winning streak going," agrees Tackett.

Last year they reached the playoffs with a young team and a 1st-year head coach. This year they think they can do even better in year 2.

"Everybody's bought in to Coach Tackett's methods." says wide receiver, Hayden Hoffman. "Everybody thinks it'll be easier to roll with him, and everybody's really comfortable with him."

One thing that will be different this year is the offensive formation. After years of running Bill Green's Veer offense, they're going to spread it out a bit.

"We want to prove that we can run the spread offense," says Meurer.

They'll still be running the option, but spreading the field could open some bigger holes for a Trojan rushing attack that was a bit down by Windthorst standards last year.

Tackett states, "I don't think there's anything new or revolutionary about what we're doing this year, we just want to carry on the tradition."

The Trojans would love to get back in the district title race, along with favorites Seymour and Quanah, but they'll be happy to make the playoffs any way they can.

"You know, whether that's first place or third place, as long as you make the playoffs, you've got that chance," says Tackett.

Hoffman continued, "It's my senior year and it'd just mean the world to me. I'd really want us to play for the community and hopefully bring something home."

Windthorst opens their season against the defending Class-A Champions, the Munday Mogels, on August 30th.