WF Conserves More Water Than Expected In July

WF Conserves More Water Than Expected In July

Many Wichita Falls residents have gone above and beyond to conserve as much water as possible during this drought...

"My husband put up big trash barrels to help collect the rain coming off the roof. Also, any water bottles that we don't finish drinking we're putting them into pitchers to help water the plants," said a Wichita Falls resident.

Another resident said, she's trying something different. "We have buckets in our showers where the cold water runs in before the hot water gets there. We use that. We bucket that out into our plants and hen I do dishes by hand I save the rinse water."

The effort has paid off. In July, Wichita Falls conserved 44 percent of its water usage. That's almost 10 percent more than the 35 percent city officials are asking for. In fact, Daniel Nix, the public works operations manager of Wichita Falls said,  that accomplishment and recent rain have pushed back stage four water restrictions until mid September. Nix also said, irrigation has been the game changer.

"By restricting irrigation use, that's where you're going to see the biggest reduction in water use," said Nix.

But he said people need to start getting into a different mind set now, because once the fall season begins it will be harder to cut down water usage by 35 percent or more.

"Our water usage in the fall and winter switches from outside into inside use so you really need to start paying attention to what you do in the house," said Nix.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6