Mower Money: Lawn Mowers Are Being Pawned

Mower Money: Lawn Mowers Are Being Pawned

As severe drought continues in Texoma, many people are being forced to give up one particular item often used in the yard. Pawn shops have seen an increase of people pawning lawn mowers to make ends meet.

"Lawn mowers, weed cutters, hedgers… That's pretty much what we take in here" said EZPAWN Store Manager Mike Litteken.

Lawn mowers are now a common item in the store because owners have no use for it in these conditions.

"The beginning of the season we had a whole bunch. We had quite a few lawn mowers in pawn and they stay there until it starts raining which doesn't happen very often" said Litteken.

But once it does rain, owners come back for their items so they can get to work on their yards. EZPAWN currently has 45 mowers in pawn and also about the same amount of weed cutters.

Litteken says if you own a lawn mower and need to make some extra cash, pawn shops are more than happy to help.

"It doesn't matter about the make of model. We take all brands pretty much as long as it runs. If you can cut grass with it, we'll take it in" he said.

Aside from seeing an increase in lawn mowers being pawned, shops have also sold a lot of air conditioners and window units because of the heat. If pawning is not an option, stores will also purchase the items depending on its quality.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.