"Sporting Clays"

"Sporting Clays"

The Habitat for Humanity is hosting their first "Sporting Clays" fundraiser.

It's all to help them raise money to be able to build homes for those in need.

The event is happening at the Northwest Texas Field and Stream Gun Club located on 4472 Old Friberg Rd.

It is happening on August 31st starting at 8:30a.m.

The entry fee is $100, which includes lunch, practice round, 10-station competition, one complimentary raffle ticket and one mulligan for each shooter.

It is best four out of five and the top shooter will win $100.  First place team wins $75 per member.

If you pre-register for the event you will get a free mojo.

For more information, head to their website or call 940-716-9300.