Fate In Hands Of Jury In Clay Co. Murder Trial

Fate In Hands Of Jury In Clay Co. Murder Trial

The jury began deliberations Wednesday morning to decide the fate of Justin Wayne Green in the Clay County murder trial.

After both the prosecution and the defense had one hour each for closing arguments, the jurors moved into a room on their own to consider the murder charge facing 32-year-old Green.

The jury can request to see any piece of evidence again, and so far, they have only asked to re-watch the recorded statement Green made to police, that he later admitted he lied during.

The jury only has to decide if Green killed his friend Jose Ramirez in self-defense or intentionally, because Green admitted on the stand to shooting him.

The six men and six women of the jury deliberated for four hours and were recessed at 5 p.m. until Thursday morning.

Newschannel Six will be in the Clay County courtroom as deliberations continue. We will being you any updates on our live Twitter feed, both on Twitter and the homepage of Newschannel6now.com.