Holliday ISD Expansion Begins Soon

Holliday ISD Expansion Begins Soon

On Thursday morning, Holliday ISD's marching band was already practicing outside for the beginning of the school year.

However, inside the schools staff and technicians were preparing to kick off the year in a different way. They were installing a new public announcement system in the middle school that will alert kids in case of an emergency.

Superintendent Kevin Dyes said, it's all part of a remodeling and expansion project. The biggest addition will be a new building.

"It's going to have control entrances which will be a change from where we are currently. It's a safety and security issue as well. Also there will be tornado safe hallways in the new addition," said Dyes.

The new addition will be built with a $15 million school bond residents approved in May. It will have a hallway that will connect the middle school and high school. Dyes said, with double the space there will be enough room for all students.

"We have students in four portable buildings and those buildings are outside of the regular buildings. In terms of management, instruction and everything that goes on in the district, those are problematic," said Dyes.

The district will also replace its two science labs with five brand new ones. That will allow kids more lab time. Also, athletes will have a another gym to practice and compete in.

"A lot of times we were having to lease facilities from the churches in town to have enough room for students to practice. It's going to be a whole lot nicer to have them all together," said Dyes.

Dyes said, construction of the new building is set to begin around November 1st. It will probably take workers a year to complete it. Once it's finished, the district will be able to expand its agricultural and home making department. It will also add a nursing assistance program.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6