Clay County Murder Trial Ruled Mistrial

Clay County Murder Trial Ruled Mistrial

The jury in the Clay Co. murder trial of Justin Wayne Green could not reach a verdict, so it was ruled a mistrial.

After deliberating for 10 hours, the jury told the court they could not reach a unanimous decision.

The prosecution objected to the motion for a mistrial, but Judge Roger Towery said the jury was given enough time, and even a second chance to deliberate, and still said they could not reach a verdict.

District Attorney Paige Williams said she was very disappointed in the outcome. "I think we proved all the elements of the crime," said DA Williams. "I mean, the sheer volume of the evidence the Sheriff's Office was able to amass, I don't see how there wasn't enough for a guilty verdict."

Some of the jurors were also visibly upset with the mistrial.

Justin Wayne Green will remain in jail until his trial is rescheduled.