Armed Suspect Search

Armed Suspect Search


A man considered armed and dangerous is still on the loose and that has many people living in a Wichita Falls neighborhood very concerned. Residents living on the 4500 block of Misty Valley West were smack in the middle of a manhunt Thursday night for 26 year old Robbie Dodelin wanted in connection of a burglary.

Dodelin is a familiar face with law enforcement with a lengthy criminal record. Convictions include driving with an invalid license and possession of marijuana. Dodelin lives in this neighborhood which has been known by many to be safe.

"I heard someone jump on my fence and run across to the where the alley is last night. My dogs were going extremely crazy outside. I mean, they were barking. My big old Alaskan Husky… she was jumping on the fence" said Sandy Cadena, resident of the area.

"We see all the police activity and the swat team and you are scared. Your heart starts beating and you can't get into your house fast enough" said Sandy Reed, also a resident.

But in times of danger, residents in this neighborhood know they can rely on each other for safety.

"My neighbor to the right of me who's almost 80, she wasn't home so I called her on her cell phone to tell her to beware. And another neighbor called me so we all take care of each other" said Reed.

If you have any information on Dodelin's whereabouts, call Crime Stoppers at (940) 322-9888.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.