A Man And His Sons Alerted Residents During Fire

A Man And His Sons Alerted Residents During Fire

Allen Little was driving down Midwestern Pkwy. with his wife and five kids when he noticed smoke coming from the Woodlands Apartment complex.

He decided to drive towards it.

"When we came in, we noticed there were smoke coming out of the top of the building. We drove around to the front of the building and notice there was nobody around in the front of the building," said Little.

Allen said, he immediately knew he and his family needed to do something about it.

His son Christopher Little said, "My dad said guys hurry up and start knocking on doors and make sure everybody gets out and ask if they have animals."

And Allen said, "Me and my 3 boys got out of the truck and started going from door to door hitting on the door telling people there's a fire and to get out at that time. We started getting people out, animals and pets before the smoke and flames started overtaking the building."

Residents were shocked and scared when they stepped outside and saw what was going on. However, once they realized they were safe, Allen saw relief and gratitude in their faces. He said he's glad his boys took part in saving their lives.

"If there was somebody in danger, if somebody needed to be helped, if there was someone who was elderly and they couldn't get out of the fire at least we could go and do what we could to take care of each other.  I think that's what makes Wichita Falls special," said Allen.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6