Hotter'N Hell: Water Conservation

Hotter'N Hell: Water Conservation

Every year a lot of water is used during the Hotter' N Hell Hundred to help keep racers cool and hydrated. But with the continuing drought, water has become more valuable in Texoma. This year race officials have put together several plans to help conserve water.

Hotter'N Hell Hundred Chairman Roby Christie said "I would guess we would probably use about a gallon a person, something in the vicinity of 15 thousand gallons."

Even though a lot of water is going to be used during the race on August 24th, hardly any of it is going to be used unnecessarily.

Christie said "In years past we had a huge water spray from a fire hydrant at the finish line. That didn't happen last year cause we were in a drought and that's not going to happen this year because we are in a drought."

The riders loved to finish the race in the water spray. Christie said many of the racers will miss it again this year. It gave the riders a place to cool down and talk about the race. The decision to cut the water spray is just one of the steps that will be taken to help keep water consumption down.

Christie said "At some point in the day on Saturday that rest stop will close and the water buffalo will move to the next rest stop or the rest stop after that. It used to we would. When a rest stop closed they would open the tap and let the water run out on the ground. Not this year."

Moving the water tanks to later stages in the race will help conserve hundreds of gallons of water. But the effort to conserve water doesn't end at moving the water tanks either.

Christie said "At the end of the day there is going to be water left in a tank and we have asked the city where they would like for us to place that water and so we are going to take it there."

Recycling water is going to be a big part of the future of the Hotter'N Hell Hundred.

Even though they are trying to limit the water consumption as much as they can, ample amounts of water are still going to be supplied to all the racers.

Stay with Newschannel 6 as we will bring you continuing coverage of the ride and race all week. We will also have live coverage of the race on August 24th. So join us Saturday morning to take in the sights and sounds of the 32nd annual Hotter'N Hell Hundred.