Breakfast Before School Can Help Kids Academically

Breakfast Before School Can Help Kids Academically

Experts say kids who eat breakfast tend to be more alert in school, they have a better attention span and short-term memory.

Scott Morehouse, the Executive Director of District Operations at the Wichita Falls Independent School District said, that can help students get better grades than those who don't eat before classes start.

"Their minds are not on the academics. Their minds are more on their hunger and the fact that they didn't eat that morning. So they're concentration is more on that," said Morehouse.

Right now all students in the WFISD can eat free breakfast at the school's cafeteria. However, out of the 18 elementary schools, eight are actually letting kids eat their breakfast somewhere else.

Morehouse said, "They'll be taken into their classrooms at the beginning of the school day. The teachers will bring the kids down to the cafeteria. They'll have their choice of breakfast in there and then they'll take it back to their classroom."

It's called the "Breakfast in the Classroom" program and Morehouse said, it has its benefits.

"One, it's going to teach them responsibility, cleaning after themselves. It ensures that they are eating instead of socializing," said Morehouse.

The district's goal this year is to have the program up and running at the rest of the elementary schools before winter break. School officials said, there's a reason why they're not expanding it to the middle schools and high schools just yet.

"It's just an area for us to start. Now, could it leak into the other areas? Absolutely, but because of the structure that's associated with elementary school, it fits into that type of program," said Morehouse.

The elementary schools that currently have the program in place are: Alamo, Lamar, Houston, Washington Jackson, Southern Hills, Burgess, Fain and Brook Village.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6