Electra: Police Body Cameras

Electra: Police Body Cameras

Body Cameras are being recognized nationwide as a helpful tool for law enforcement officers. The Electra Police Department has been using these cameras for the last 9 months to capture key moments that happen while on duty.

"So far they're great. It's for the protection of the officer and for the protection of the suspect or violator" said Johnny Morris, Chief of the Electra Police Department.

The agency purchased 8 of these compact devices through a state grant. It hooks right onto the front of the uniform and records up to three and a half hours of high-definition footage with perfect sound. The device can be hooked up to the computer and the footage downloaded in a matter of seconds.

Since it worked so well not only does the Electra Police Department use it, but so does their Animal Control Officers. Evidence from the video recently helped in a case of animal cruelty.

"The individual involved in that actually admitted to abusing the animal and we were able to prosecute him through the video that we shared at the court" said Electra Animal Control Officer Chris McRae.

"The camera doesn't lie. What it sees and what it hears is what was said and what was going on at the time" said Chief Morris.

Electra PD uses a model made by Watch Guard that costs around $850 each. Users of the body cams say it's a great gadget to have.

"It's not an inconvenience at all to have it. I would much rather have it than not" said McRae.

"These are real simple and work real good. I highly recommend any law enforcement agency to get these" said Chief Morris.

Electra PD is the first agency in Wichita County followed by the Vernon Police Department to start using these body cams. Chief Morris says these devices also help keep officers alert and on their toes.

Some of the most expensive body cam models mount onto glasses or head sets and can cost up to $1500.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.