Jackrabbits Looking for Playoffs and More in 2013

Jackrabbits Looking for Playoffs and More in 2013

Last year heading in to week seven, the Bowie Jackrabbits were looking pretty good.

Off to a 6-1 start, playing in Class 2A a year after winning a share of the 6-3A title.

"The 2A [district] we moved into, we thought it was going to be easier," senior Weston Skinner admitted. "Just because it was smaller schools."

But the season was detoured by injuries, and the 'Rabbits lost their final three games to miss the playoffs.

"Last year we were coming into district with a lot of injuries," senior Tyler Munns said. "We were banged up pretty bad, I believe two or three starters out before district even started."

This year, Bowie feels like they will be ready for the tough, seven-team district they'll play in, where four teams will make the playoffs.

"It's a very competitive, good football district," says Head Coach Dylan Stark. "We have kind of a better feel for what we're getting into now, which may help us this year."

But their goal is more than simply reaching the playoffs. They're aiming to do something that hasn't happened in Bowie in generations.

"We're going to try to get a playoff win," said Munns. "Bowie hasn't had a playoff win in I-don't-know how long. I think the 80s or something."

It was 1981, to be exact, when Bowie defeated Aledo 40-7 in the Bi-District round. Better than 30 years have gone by since that last playoff victory for the Jackrabbits.

"We want to add trophies to the trophy case," said Coach Stark. "We did that two years ago (with the district title), and we want to continue doing that this year."

Coach Stark told us the key to his team this year will be up front on the offensive line.

"A lot of those guys have played since they were sophomores," he said. "A lot of varsity experience under their belt, and they've really set the tone."

One of those guys is Skinner. The six-foot, 260-pounder starts at left guard.

"It just helps a whole lot, having an extra year," Skinner said. "Because I started varsity when I was a sophomore, and it's just helped a whole lot, makes everything a lot easier."

No matter what, the Jackrabbits promise they won't let down this year.

"We're gonna fight to the end," says senior wideout and defensive end Levi Wallace. "We're gonna win, plain and simple. Two words with lot of meaning: 'let's ride.'"

The Jackrabbits will ride into our first Dr Pepper Game of the Week for 2013, when they host the Hirschi Huskies August 30th.