Busy Hotter ‘N Hell Weekend for Stores by Downtown WF

Busy Hotter ‘N Hell Weekend for Stores by Downtown WF

Over 12,000 riders and their families were in Wichita Falls to compete in the 32nd annual Hotter 'N Hell Hundred on Saturday, August 24. Downtown Wichita Falls was filled with crowds of people but Sunday marks the day those from out-of-town head home.

Stores around the Downtown Wichita Falls area had a busy weekend due to the event. Some had to open early and even call in extra workers to be able to cater to the thousands of riders and their families.

"This weekend we were busy like crazy because a lot of people came from out of town like Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin" said Tommy Kohn, owner of Texas Donuts.

"We had about a $2000 day. We had to call in an extra person and we were running low on bread. But we still made it through the night. When our third person showed up, he managed to bring some bread from another store" said Paul Bailey, store manager of Subway on Holliday Street.

This Hotter 'N Hell weekend marked a special time for Kohn. He was able to see and reunite with out-of-town customers he hadn't seen since the event last year.

"The people that ride the bicycles, they come here every year. They came here yesterday and they're going to come back again next year. So when they left they said "See you next year!"" said Kohn.

Although this is an extremely busy time for business, stores are looking forward to the event again next year.

"We look forward to having the business come through. Nothing bad about Hotter 'N Hell! It's revenue for the city as well as for individual businesses I would imagine" said Bailey.

"Nothing bad happens for me because when I see customers, they make me happy. It feels good" said Kohn.

Businesses don't have the total numbers yet  but think they had an average Hotter 'N Hell Weekend when it comes to sales.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.