Back to the Wing-T in Burkburnett

After surprising Hirschi with a powerful Wing-T attack in District play last year, the Burkburnett Bulldogs are going to the old-school formation full time in 2013.

Junior quarterback Bryan Lewis says, "It was really based on our personnel."

Two years ago, with Division-I running back Devin Chaffin and MSU signee Blaine Curren at wideout, it made sense for the 'Dogs to go to the spread.

But now, it just makes sense to keep it mostly on the ground.

"We've got a lot of experience coming back on the line, so that's good. And then in the backfield we have Marquis Askew, Bobby Ingram, and then we've got a couple sophomores that can come up."

It's certainly a welcome change for the offensive line, as just about every O-Lineman will tell you they prefer run blocking to pass protection.

"You just get to hit a lot more and push people around," says senior center Alexander Joplin.

One benefit to getting a taste of it late last year is a head start with installation this offseason.

"Getting a chance to actually do it on Friday night against our district opponents really helped out," said head coach Scott Boswell.

One player who got a little experience last year was quarterback Bryan Lewis. The sophomore missed a large chunk of the season after breaking his leg, but returned late in the year to help lead the Bulldogs to the playoffs.

Now a junior, he's the clear starter, and Coach Boswell says he's become a team leader.

"The overall presence that he has, being able to be in the weight room lifting around his teammates and being out here, being a leader on the field, just helped us out tremendously," Boswell said.

Another key this season is improving a defense that allowed over 45 points per game in 2012.

Ten returning starters hopefully means more experience and fewer points against.

"Our defense is really good," said Joplin. They're physical, and they really have good motion towards the ball."

"Just their athleticism and experience [are improved]," Lewis said. "You can tell that they've been in games situations, so they kinda know what to expect now. They're not so deer-in-the-headlights-ish."

"We've got several kids back on that side of the ball that had to go through the fire last year," Coach Boswell said. "All of them had a really good offseason, and they're just really ready to start playing football."