Schools Getting Safer

Schools Getting Safer

Wichita Falls Independent School District takes the safety of their students very seriously. The 2013-2014 school year's budget was passed on Monday and part of it is going to be used to enhance security.

Executive Director of District Operations Scott Morehouse said "The board did approve last night a $450,000 safety and security budget for the schools"

The enhancements will mainly focus on the front entrances, which will help control who is coming in and out of the schools.

The Public Information Officer for WFISD Renea Murphy confirmed that all the schools will have buzzer systems installed. The buzzer systems will allow the main entrances to be locked at all times. If someone would like to enter a school, a person in the main office will have to unlock the door for them to come in. But the security enhancements will not end there.

Morehouse said "This is just the beginning of it. Again the $450,000 will be used this year for safety and security enhancements but we have future long term plans as well. But those will be dependent upon a bond passing."

The cost of the security upgrades will vary. Each school will have a different cost.

Right now, every school uses a visitor management system called RAPTOR to assure every visitor is OK to be there. Visitors must show an ID card at the front desk and than a quick background check is preformed. After the background check, the school employees will decide whether or not they will let them in.

James Parish, Newschannel 6